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“I wonder if I can draw this picture”.

It was fascinating…. a picture from a magazine challenged my artistic ability for the first time ever!

“Yes, I drew the picture”! Then, I began to draw, paint, design photo albums, create floral arrangements, play the piano; and thought “someday”, I may even write music, poetry, or a novel. Then, this thing called “life” creeps into my world, takes me places I never dreamed of.  I’m sure many of you can relate to this statement. If not, as my mother would say, “Keep Living”. Life has its way of humbling us all.  Well, that “someday” has finally arrived. I am now a published author with a mind full of stories to tell. I represent a yellow rose, “The Promise of New Beginnings”. Your quest is to relax and enjoy the journey of Rose Bud Imaginations!

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One Heart To Another

One Heart To AnotherAn awesome book, of blissful moments, tears drops, hilarious sensations, dreams, and hopes!

It’s an anthology of poems representing emotional spiritual journeys of life where the heart speaks of goodness, badness, sadness, laughter, joy, loneliness, hope, perseverance, faith and the love of God.

It demonstrates a positive, confident, and successful attitude of regrouping and renewing your thoughts.